Ken’s Klassics

In March 2019, KensTrends received the “Newest Blogger” Award from “The Broker List”

My First Blog Post June 29, 2010 – A Community
Be #1 vs Do #1 On Google

While KensTrends is newly listed on The Broker List, I published my first blog article back in 2010. I was also the author of one of the most widely read reports on the South Florida Office and Industrial Real Estate markets from 1989-1999.  I have been continuously writing ever since and publishing in a few different locations. I’m a firm believer in recycling and there is some really good stuff in my blog portfolio that is somewhat entertaining, possibly timeless and borderline worth reading. I may also start to add-in some of my old market reports for fun. Some of the top institutional investors used to pay thousands of dollars for them, but I’ll post them for free here on KensTrends.

I am repackaging these articles with their original publication dates and added links below to what I call “KensKlassics.” From “The Most Viewed Blog Video in the History of Commercial Real Estate” “Doing Number 1 on Google vs. Being Number 1 on Google” to Subscibing to CoStar vs. Hiring a Guy in a Chicken Suit, to My Take on Hurricane Season there is a lot of good stuff in there. 

Please enjoy, and we appreciate your help in my recyling effort.