Better to Be #1 on Google or Do #1 on Google?

Here is one of my personal favorites I wrote in March 2012 inspired by an article on Yahoo.

Those of us who use the internet to market our products understand how important it is to be number one on Google. Google is responsible for about two thirds of all searches on the internet the entire SEO industry (Search Engine Optimization) has grown out of finding the best ways to get your site to rank highly on Google searches. One of the best methods before  taking the help of SEO companies like is to create fresh blog content even if it’s as silly as this. I’m always working to make sure that when you are searching for Office Space or Commercial Real Estate in the South Florida markets of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton or West Palm Beach Warehouse in Boca Raton, that kenstrends shows up near the top of the list.

Maybe it’s the language barrier,  or maybe it’s just a strange coincidence, but apparently one man in France decided it was not as important to be number one on Google, as it was to do number one on Google! (if you know what I mean) Please note we do not condone public urination here at kenstrends, we are only the messenger. No reason to get pissed off while an entire nation gets pissed on… Not surprisingly, the article was published by our friends at Yahoo. Click here for the article.

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