Welcome to the award-winning Ken’s Trends. For over 30 years, Ken Silberling has helped companies find their ideal office or industrial space while helping investors to build wealth through commercial properties. Ken is Senior Vice President of Brokerage and Tenant Representation at Levy Realty Advisors, LLC. He is also South Florida Regional Partner for TenantBase, a leading online marketplace helping small to medium sized businesses find their ideal locations.  He is a thought leader and a go-to source for local, national and online media.

KensTrends is a home for original content to both inform and entertain. We hope to provide valuable information to help you navigate through the process of buying, selling or leasing commercial property in South Florida. Subject matter is related to the local and global economy, the modern workplace, technology and the commercial real estate market.

Whether you lease or own commercial property, real estate is one of your largest business expenses. But it’s also a major component of your corporate identity. It’s a key to increasing productivity while attracting and retaining top talent. Finding the right space is essential in positioning your company for success. 

Are you looking for office space or industrial warehouse space in South Florida?  Are you interested in commercial real estate investment in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton or Palm Beach?  Please contact Ken. You can also subscribe to the KensTrends monthly newsletter below. Ken is also on video and podcast.  


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