The Top Two Reasons To Use A Tenant Representation Specialist

As a tenant representation broker, I am out promoting my services every day. There are dozens of reasons for you to work with me. I save my clients time, money and stress. I also help them avoid costly mistakes they may never have considered. I thought a top ten list would be a good idea. But sometimes the simplest reasons are the most powerful. So today, I want to focus on only two.

Many people think they can simply go online, find a space and negotiate a lease. Here is why they usually cannot. These are my top 2 reasons to hire a tenant rep broker:

1. Everything you see on the internet is not necessarily available
2. Everything available is not necessarily on the internet.

My former company had a great tagline “right space, right place.” While there is a whole lot more to the tenant representation process, that is still the most important aspect of my job. By the right space, we mean the right size, right configuration, right image, right price and the right landlord. Of course right place means location, location and location. Your place of business has to be convenient to employees, customers and of course the CEO. Employee safety is another key concern as is access to shipping routes.

So all you have to do is get on Loopnet, CREXI, TenantBase or one of the other online commercial real estate marketplaces and instantly find the right space in the right place. Right? No wrong – please refer to rules 1 and 2.

Finding the right space is more than knowing how to use Google, Loopnet or any of the other online services. It takes market knowledge, experience and relationships to uncover opportunities for my clients. From there we get into reasons 3 through 10 and beyond. The ideal solution is to combine the convenience on online search with the expertise on an experienced broker. That is what I am providing through my association with TenantBase I have a series of articles on other tenant representation topics at and plan to add more. But the most important reason to use a tenant representation broker is to find the right space in the right place, so please remember reasons 1 and 2. And as I’ve explained in an earlier post, my services are available at zero cost to my clients.

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